Spare parts: Granting your product a second chance

Here’s how to find it, depending on whether your Sony product is currently in warranty or out of warranty.

  • In warranty:

    Tell us which part you’re looking for and why, and we’ll talk you through our In Warranty Repair and Spare Parts Policy.

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  • Out of warranty:

    You can buy genuine, approved spare parts for a wide range of Sony products from our partner or Regional Service Centres.

    Any purchases made from third parties will be subject to the seller’s terms and conditions. Please check with the seller for details. Sony bears no responsibility for the content of third party websites or purchases made from third parties.

    Buy spare parts from our approved partner: EET Europarts


    Get in touch with a regional Service Centre

    Spare parts for electronic displays

    The following spare parts for electronic displays can be ordered, in conformance with the Ecodesign Directive (EU) 2019/2021:


    • Remote control
    • External power supply

    Professional repairers:

    • Internal power supply
    • Connectors to external equipment
    • Capacitors above 400 microfarads

    These can be ordered from our official partners:


    • External power supplies having identical technical specifications are interchangeable between different television models.
    • Remote controls of different television models have the same core functionalities.
    • Parts relevant to professional repairers have part numbers assigned per model, in order to facilitate ordering the correct parts. These part numbers can be found on the service manuals which professional repairers can request here.